Kizami Tsuki

Sensei Rae has been training Shotokan karate for over 25 years. He’s trained with the most senior Japanese masters such as late sensei Keinosuke Eneoda and late sensei Taiji Kase. These masters died a natural death. Note that the highest density of centenarians in the world is in Okinawa. Karate was born there and most people in Okinawa (both men and women) train in karate. Training karate provides great health benefits.

Sensei Rae obtained all his Dan grades from the best Japanese masters such as Sensei Masaaki Ueki (9th Dan), Sensei Masahiko Tanaka (8th Dan), Sensei Yoshiharu Osaka (8th Dan) and Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta (7th Dan). Sensei Rae is passionate about traditional karate and he’s very keen on teaching the purest form of karate.

He is a member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). The JKA is the original Shotokan karate organisation that trained international instructors to spread karate around the world. The vast majority (if not all) of Shotokan karate organisations are spin offs of the JKA.

He is a qualified karate instructor (Japanese qualifications) and has had dojos in France and in the UK. He’s now opened the first JKA karate club in Harborough and Northampton.